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Blendable Wax Melt Beads Box Set

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Elevate your sensory experience with Flower Child's Wax Melt Beads, crafted from premium soy wax. Our beads are designed to intensify and customize your fragrance journey. Blend different scents to curate your unique aroma, creating an ambiance that resonates with your style and mood. With Flower Child's Wax Melt Beads, immerse yourself in the art of crafting personalised fragrances that fill your space with delightful, lasting scents. Boost the ambiance of any room and transform your moments with the versatility and richness of our wax melt beads.

Blendable – Create your own signature scent with the Flower Child wax melt beads.

Longer Lasting – The bead design of these wax melts allows you to top up your burner to boost or prolong the life of your wax tart.

High strength formula – These wax melts host the strongest concentration possible of 100% ingredients.

Only organic ingredients – Soy wax and essential oils, that’s it! No harmful chemicals for cleaner air.

Long lasting fragrance – Fragranced with essential oils allows these wax melts to provide you with a fragrance that lasts even long after the wax melts have cooled.

Vegan friendly – free from animal testing, 100% natural and made from renewable resources we take pride in our ethically designed formula.