Women Inspiring Women

Women Inspiring Women

Okay so considering the month that is in it. Celebrating International Womens Day, Mother's Day and our relationships with female role models in our lives I thought it would be a relevant time to share the story behind one of my best-selling products from the Flower Child range.

This is an image of a wax melt product in the shape of a trinket box, packaged in a rustic brown card box. The wax melt product is in the form of a small, square-shaped box, made of a light-colored wax material, and is decorated with intricate patterns on its sides. The box is open, revealing a sectioned tray with several small, colorful wax melts inside. The packaging is a brown card box with a lid, featuring a simple design with a logo and product name printed in black. In the background, there is a blurred-out image of a wooden table, suggesting that the product is placed on a rustic and natural surface. The overall image depicts a unique and visually appealing wax melt product that is presented in simple yet stylish packaging.

As some of you may have noticed the wax melt tarts are of a unique shape and design resembling a trinket box. This is because that is exactly what I made them from, but let's talk about how I got to that point.


I knew from the start that I wanted to create a mold that was unique to the brand and had a meaning behind the design. However, I didn't exactly know what that looked like.

This is an image of an elderly woman standing in a grassy area and smiling in her garden. The woman is dressed in casual clothing and is wearing a sun hat. She appears to be in her late 70s or early 80s and has gray hair. She is standing among a variety of plants and flowers, and there is a small garden shed in the background. The woman is holding a small trowel in her hand, suggesting that she may have been tending to her plants. The sun is shining brightly, and the overall image depicts a happy and content woman enjoying her garden.

For a while, I toyed around with the use of flower molds attempting to replicate a peony rose and my grandmother's love for those beautiful blooms, but I arrived at the conclusion that I could make things even a little more unique in a meaningful way.


So here is the story of how the wax melt design came to be.

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Growing up I remember my nana having a small collection of intricately designed ceramic trinket boxes that she would keep on her dressing table. These were always considered "sacred" pieces of furniture in my eyes as playing with them was not an option.


Now, to be fair, keeping a delicate piece of ceramic off limits to a small and relatively clumsy child seems like the obvious decision but to me, the child, this framed the items as treasured and something to be minded.

This is an image of a hand-painted trinket box with a painting of a phoenix on its lid, placed on a windowsill. The box is made of a light-colored wood and has a rectangular shape. The phoenix painting is done in vibrant colors, with the mythical bird depicted in flight with its wings spread wide. The background of the painting features a cloudy sky with shades of blue and white. The windowsill is made of a dark-colored wood and is located against a white wall. Behind the box, there is a view of green foliage and trees, suggesting that the windowsill is located in a natural outdoor setting. The overall image depicts a unique and artistic trinket box that is placed in a serene and beautiful environment.

After my nana passed in 2013 I received her trinket boxes which I have since kept on display in my bedroom window. Although they are not particularly my style anymore they hold a sentimental value so I have made an allowance for them to be the exception of items that don't particularly align with the bedroom aesthetic.


Beside these trinket boxes received from my late Nana sits another treasured item that may look familiar. It is a trinket box I received from my Mum in 2014. This is the item that has been the inspiration for the wax melt tart. An item that is treasured by me and holds more sentimental value than a simple nicknack.

This is an image of a Marcasite trinket box placed on a windowsill. The box is made of a dark-colored metal, possibly silver or pewter, and it has a lid that is adorned with small, glittering marcasite gemstones. The box is round in shape and has a textured surface with intricate designs that create a vintage or antique look. The windowsill is made of wood and is painted white. Behind the box, there is a view of trees and foliage, suggesting that the windowsill is located in a natural outdoor setting. The overall image depicts a decorative and valuable trinket box placed in a charming and peaceful environment.

This trinket box is something that symbolises the relationship between my mother and I and so I decided to use this to create a personalised mold for the Flower Child range.

I set out to create a mold of the item and after a lot of trial and error, I figured out how to make the perfect custom mold and the wax melt was created.

This is an outdoor photo of a 26-year-old woman with red hair standing next to her mother, who is 60 years old with brown hair. The two are smiling and looking directly at the camera. They are standing on a green lawn with trees and plants in the background, and the sun is shining brightly. The younger woman is wearing a white dress and a necklace, while her mother is wearing a blue blouse and black pants. The overall image depicts a happy and loving mother-daughter relationship in a natural outdoor setting.

So although many may see this product as a simple wax melt tart, for me it represents a lot more.

It represents the impact the amazing women around me have had in my life. The inspiration of powerful and independent females that surround me, and the influence of creativity that these beautiful souls have had on my life.

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