The Ripple Effect of Kindness: How a Simple Gesture Sparked a Journey of Healing

As some of you may know, the brand idea for the Flower Child products came from a very simple act of kindness.

During 2020 I was struggling with my mental health. It was a time of internal chaos where I was trying my hardest to wear a “mask of happiness”, with a forced sense of enthusiasm and a painted smile.

It wasn’t until I received a gift from my best friend that I truly felt seen, understood, and safe to let down the mask of false smiles. I received a card and a gift-wrapped box from Niamh. The card was filled with gentle reminders of why she deemed me to be a valuable addition to her life. Outlining small ways in which our friendship has been a positive in her life and how she will always be here to support me no matter what.

The gift-wrapped box contained essential oil blends which were aimed to boost mood, aid relaxation, and help me to unwind. Yes, it was a physical gift that in some circumstances may have been seen as a generic choice but this simple gift said so much more than words ever could have.

This gift told me she saw my struggle, even though I tried to hide it.

It told me that it’s okay to let her in and share my struggles.

It told me she saw the real me, the one that needed support, the one that needed to know someone was there, and valued the truest version of me that just needed to be recognised.

This simple act of kindness made me feel empowered, supported, and loved.

Little did she know that this one gesture would set me on a path of healing and self-empowerment. I began the work by meditating, then moving on to breathwork I began to find a sense of calm within my practices. I then progressed to seeking professional help and started counseling along with journaling. Little did Niamh know that a few essential oils and a handwritten card would put me on the path to no longer having to wear a mask of a false smile but instead expressing myself authentically, building a lifestyle I love, and inspiring me to turn my life around in more ways than one.

Sometimes we put too much focus on being the brightest, happiest, or most accommodating version of ourselves. Striving to put our best foot forward but missing the part where we validate our emotions and current situation of being. (trust me, I am the master of avoidance when it comes to my emotions!)

But this small note reminded me of the love that surrounded me in a time when I couldn’t see it clearly.


From friends to family and everyone in between, I slowly began to see the love and appreciation that I already had and began to appreciate those who shared it more and more every day. Over time my life shifted from viewing my world through a lens of loneliness and lack to celebrating abundance and love in the smallest places. Whether it was pausing and appreciating my passions, taking small moments to recognise the love I had for those around me, or even just remembering to highlight the love I had for the parts of myself I once deemed unvalued.

Basically, my point here is that a small act of kindness can translate into so much more than you realise.

Giving someone a gift, a token of appreciation is something that can ripple into so much more positivity than the original act itself. It can inspire others to pay it forward, to reciprocate the act, or in my case, simply allow me a moment to feel seen and valued.

So, if it is a note, a gift, or even a text message this Valentine’s Day, you too can make an impact on those around you. After all, St. Valentine is the patron saint of love, not the patron saint of romantic dinners and relationships. So this year let’s empower one another and remind each other of the love we have for them and what their presence in our world means to us.

Let’s make one another feel seen, loved, and appreciated.

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