Plant 2000 Trees with Me

Last month Gearóid McEvoy reached out and got in touch with me. Gearóid is the founder of Reforest Nation, an Irish enterprise set up to help restore Ireland’s native woodlands and wildlife habitats.

Gearóid asked if I would be interested in partnering with the RN brand as a tree planting site and help him in developing native woodland in my area.

Now, some may say there’s nothing nicer than getting a bunch of flowers, but I must argue… A forest trumps a bouquet any day!

This offer was a dream come true for me. We have been wanting to reforest a two-acre site on Turra Lodge Farm for many years now, but finances have not yet allowed us to achieve this goal.

As you know I have been growing willow trees from cuttings for a few years now to create some wildlife habitat and carbon filters around the farm.

Creating an entire forest of willow trees was going to be my next approach to the two-acre site but there is minimal benefit to this in comparison to a forest of mixed tree species.

Gearóid’s brand has the most diverse range of native Irish trees and so the mixed species will help support a much wider range of wildlife.

The trees will be planted this winter when they are dormant and will be protected for life here at Turra Lodge Farm. The trees will create habitat for countless species, increase the biodiversity in the area, and provide food for many species of bird and other wildlife alike.

I truly hope to be able to create a space that provides memories and enjoyment of those who explore the future forest.

Gearóid plans to deliver two thousand trees to Turra Lodge Farm this November.

Now, I know there is a gang of us here at Turra Lodge Farm, but two thousand trees are a lot of trees to be planted.

So, we are expanding the crew for one big planting day. It will be an event, a shindig if you may.

“All hands-on deck” has never been more applicable so if you would be interested in joining in and planting a tree or ten, head over to the event page to sign up and stay up to date!

After all, who doesn’t fancy a cup of tea while planting a tree here on the farm?

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