How My Health Journey Inspired a Brand That Has Changed My Life..

I think its time I share the story behind the products.

The world of aromatherapy is relatively new to me, and so is that of mental health.

What I mean by mental health being new to me is that I didn’t always have such an understanding of what it meant to suffer from mental health issues before. Although I was experiencing it, with panic attacks and high stress levels I didn’t realise it at the time.

Since the age of 11, the time my first epileptic seizure I have been on various medications. My condition is non-responsive to medication, so that means I have tried them all.

With trying all these medications came along many side effects. Some mild, such as tiredness or agitation, and some not so mild like worsening of my seizures, depression and suicidal thoughts.

To me, living my life with these medications meant not living with “my own brain”, but rather a sedated or altered version of myself.

In the end they are neurological medicines, their primary job is to control your brain functions. I understand that, but the payoff of taking these medicines have no longer been worth it for me personally.

My seizures can not be cured by medications, and personally I am unwilling to trial new variations of what’s available when the outcome doesn’t seem promising.

Two years ago, I came off all medication and that was when I began to experience my unmedicated mind.

My energy improved beyond belief and I felt a lot better for it. Now, with this unmedicated mind came a lot of emotions, and irrational thoughts.

It was like I had awoken a mind that was previously sedated.

The good was better but the bad was harder.

For a while it was amazing, I was so absorbed with the novelty of my newfound energy that I was filling my life with distractions from my emotions. Throwing myself into one project after the next. Let’s just say the garden really benefited from my energy around this time!


But then, I found myself in a world of overwhelm. After taking on too many projects, my motivation turned to stress and it all imploded. I felt like I was drowning in a pool of my own ambition.

This was when I sought help. I made an appointment with a counselor and started the work. Combing through my emotions one by one I ended up unpacking all those years of unprocessed emotion from my medicated brain. Like someone had opened a dam and the feelings came flooding.

Things were still all a bit much at this stage with me having multiple anxiety attacks a day that were wearing me out and starting to hold me back. This is when I was prescribed anti-depressants to help me on my journey.

So, although I am not yet my unmedicated self I am on a journey to getting there. Learning the tools, I need to cope and thrive with the crazy that is my brain.

Therapy is hard, but hard in the best way. It has thought me so much about myself and my patterns of behaviour. Helped me process situations and deal with life’s challenges in constructive ways. It’s a journey I will continue.

For now, I am happy with where I am at, although I am on SSRI medication that’s something I am okay with because it hasn’t changed me, just made my thoughts more manageable.

Last Christmas my friend gave me the most thoughtful present I have ever received. It was a selection of essential oil blends to help with anxiety and depression. To me this was the most considerate gift I could receive because she was not only acknowledging my mental health journey but supporting me with these tools to help along the way. Not only was she trying to make my day brighter by giving me this gift but each day after when I used them to make my journey a little easier.

After using these essential oils, I began to see the benefits and explore the world of aromatherapy. From there I began making my own blends, experimenting with soy candles and sprays.

So that’s where it came from. The gift I received from a friend is the essence of my product range. Each scent blended to give a unique benefit while drawing inspiration from my happy place which is the gardens here at Turra Lodge Farm. If I can inspire someone to use aromatherapy in whatever way suits their lifestyle, that will bring me joy. Or even make someone’s day that little bit more manageable through the use of my products that is enough for me.

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