Gardening Made Simple

Gardening Made Simple

I have spent the last few weeks watching the garden slowly change.

From all the composting leaves of last year growth begins to emerge new fresh green foliage. For me, this is when it is time to cut back and remove the dead growth from the perennial beds.

However, this year time seems to be passing by and I have not yet got the chance to even make a start on the gardens.


My energy is a little low these days and other things seem to have taken priority over the garden.


Usually, at this point of the season, I would be designing and planning new projects for the year ahead but due to the low energy and limited time available to give to the garden right now, I am instead exploring methods and ways in which I can reduce the workload and create a more flexible gardening method.


For me, the garden has always been pure and utter enjoyment and that is what I want it to remain. I feel that it is very easy for me to find myself in a space where I will continue to push on and try to maintain old routines that don’t fit in my life anymore instead of taking a step back and readjusting.

After all, I am a person who isn’t the biggest fan of change.


But I am trying this new thing lately that they call “adulting”… I will be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole thing!


It involves things like making sensible decisions and being a responsible adult. I know, absolutely disgusting…


So part of this grown-up activity is making sure I am looking after myself in small ways that will allow me to maintain my hobbies and enjoy my passion without letting it turn into stress. The gardens being one of them.


I am a strong believer in the thought that nature will give to you what you give to it. In other words, if I spend hours of time and mountains of energy in nature, in return I will receive hours of enjoyment and an abundance of benefits both mental and physical.


But coming to terms with temporarily having a reduced level of energy, I have made the decision to take a step back and see how I can readjust to make sure I can gain a healthy balance of time in nature without it getting to a place where it begins to feel like a “chore” so to say.


The garden has always been my outlet for when I feel stressed or overwhelm, and I am at a particular point right now where I need that more than ever.


So, over the next few weeks, I will be looking at a number of different ways in which I can reduce the workload in the garden and implement methods that will let me enjoy every moment I get to spend outside.


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