Every Day is Mother's Day: Celebrating the Unseen Labuors of Love

Every Day is Mother's Day: Celebrating the Unseen Labuors of Love

Even though we only host a holiday once a year to celebrate the mothers in our lives, I think there is more than one day of appreciation to be given to these women around us.


From the time we are born, these women nurture and shape us into the people we are today. They do so much for those around them giving love, warmth, and comfort. Often busy from morning to night tending to others, making time for him themselves is often last on the list of priorities.


I grew up surrounded by mothers. Whether it was my grandmother, aunties, or mum herself. These are the people who taught me the values of love and care. They instilled the value of play, laughter, and happiness within me. Even times watching them tend to others when my aunties would come to visit with their kids of their own, the nurturing nature of these women has had a massive impact on my own values.


Growing up my mom was definitely a hands-on kind of mother. Full of love, hugs, cuddles, and a sense of understanding that couldn't compare. This is the woman who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. She taught us the meaning of family and how important it was to have one another when times got tough. Every evening without fail we would sit down to a family dinner and share our news about the day. No matter what the circumstance was, whether we were fighting or bickering family dinner went ahead without fail.


Today I watch even more mothers join the home as my brothers have started families of their own. Every evening I watch these amazing women for some of their little ones to make sure they feel loved and appreciated at all times. Watching my mother become a grandmother has been an experience that brings back so many childhood memories. Absolutely spoiling the kids with quality time just as we have been throughout our entire lives. Mum has always put us as a top priority in her life.


Nothing was out of reach when it came to our dreams and goals as Mum supported us 100% being our biggest cheerleader along the way. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes the goals were a bit off the wall. I do recall one time when I decided that all I wanted was an emu. But mom being mom, my dream no matter how delusional was a top priority on her list. So about one week later when I asked again if I could get an emu, she responded with the details of what I would need, how much it would cost, and how I could achieve it. This woman had pushed hours of research into figuring out a way how we could actually attain, own, and look after a giant bird on Turra Lodge Farm.


The same went when I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. Being a guitarist herself Mum did try and teach me for a small while. Then after realizing that my training would require a lot more hours than Mum had to give, she signed me up to guitar lessons in the local primary school. Let it be noted that not once did I practice on my own, after a few sessions would the local teacher I gave up on learning the guitar and accepted my fate that I wasn't miraculously born with the ability to play such an instrument. But let it be noted that Mum gave it her everything in trying to help me achieve my delusional goal of being the next big guitarist without putting in any practice hours at all.


I now watch her with my nieces, from small things like teaching them how to create a handprint with paint and helping them with puzzles to other things like turning our entire living space into a jungle gym for them to be able to play indoors over the winter. Mom's free time is occupied by planning new projects that will bring a smile to the faces of those around her. The happiness and well-being of those she loves take priority in her world. Whether it's making sure there's a home-cooked meal on the table, or simply giving her undivided attention to whoever in the family needs it.


I cannot remember a time when Mum made space just for herself. Her dedication to family has been the inspiration for my latest product. Inspired by all the things she loves from dried flowers to a highly fragranced candle this box contains what I believe all mothers out there deserve. A moment just for you, a moment to pause, a moment to realize that all that you do is appreciated more than words can describe. You too deserve to take a moment, a space of relaxation, and make yourself a priority in your own life.


So to all the moms out there thank you for being you, thank you thank you for teaching us all that you know, and thank you for making us a priority.


But now it is time to turn the tables and for us to give back to you. Let us show our appreciation, and our love for you, and allow us to give you the gift of time to yourself.

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