How a Small Idea Became the Lake-house

Okay so the original idea pitch was not a lake-house.

The original plan was that I would level a small area of the hill to make a picnic area. This would provide us with a new perspective of the gardens and offer a different space to enjoy.

It was then proposed that the fence line should be moved in order to keep the goats away from us while we were having our cuppa.

So I got to work cutting down the gorse bushes and making a clearing.

This involved days of work with pruners, shears, and the trusty ole handsaw.

From there, the whole family got involved. Removing the stumps was a tedious task but we basically chained them to the quad and removed as much as we could. With the area cleared we could finally sit back and enjoy this new view of the garden, and my gosh was it a view.

I had previously floated the idea of having a “she shed” in the garden but it hadn’t quite stuck until this very moment.

This was when we agreed… “If you are going to do it, do it right!”

An enclosed structure would provide shelter from the elements and so could be used year round.

And so a new plan was made...

We ordered the digger and dumper to use for the landscaping.

Remember the saying “it has to get worse before it gets better”?

Well that’s exactly what happened next!


The digger and dumper ran into trouble getting across the lake's overflow stream.

After much panic and stress both machines made it to the far bank of the lake where they would get to work on the levelling a space for the shed.


The area was landscaped to accommodate an 8ft x 10ft shed half way up the hill, with a small lawn both front and back.

After finding a garden shed on adverts my brother and Dad went to disassemble and collect the structure.

It was then decided that we would redesign the shed to include double glass doors on the front for optimal view.

"If you're going to do it, do it right!"


My brother designed and constructed the doors while the rest of us assembled the shed.


Let me tell you, I never realised how difficult it was to square foundation blocks until that moment. Four hors later and Dad still had to fix it.


At this stage I had already begun designing the space behind the shed, taking after my parents by having the garden done before the house!!!


A raised bank flower bed would provide shelter and colour. I went with a purple/pink bee friendly scheme.

The hedge was planted and the flowers chosen. We also happened to stumble upon an arbor in the middle of all this so that was also added to the space.


It was all coming together and starting to look something similar to what my imagination had pictured.


Dad then suggested adding steps up to the area rather than the ramped slope that existed. So, after much Pinterest research we agreed on a design and the steps were added.


The interior of the cabin is decorated in a grey/white colour scheme. Simplicity is key when you have a view as amazing as this one to enjoy.


I purchased voile curtains from Pennys, grey vinyl tiles from Dealz brightened up the floor and a string of fairy lights made it magical. However, the majority of the interior furnishings were things I already had and with a lick of paint it made them all come together.


I used a garden chair we had laying around, a bit of spray paint and a nice cushion made it look all fancy.


My friend generously offered her spare couch when she heard about my project. With the addition of a few cushions and a throw it looks like pure luxury.


Two lats of wood inside the door act as my bookshelf. I used decorative contact covering to make some old puzzle books look new and pretty.


I use one of my late Nana’s bone china vases to hold a bouquet of silk flowers which I put peppermint oil on to keep the creepy crawlies out.

I also repainted my cuckoo clock and added it to help me keep track of time while I was in there.


For me it is all about making the most of what you have, and by doing exactly that, we were able to achieve the amazing space we now call ‘The Lake House’.

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